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Rennata, born March 6,1990 in Skopje, Macedonia had her first appearance on the music stage in 1997, on her 7 years, in а popular show. After few years, in 2003,appeared with her new song ,, Sakam da sum ( ,, I want to be ) that was composed for the First National selection for Childrens Eurovision Song Festival . Author of the song was one of the girls that was singing with Rennata, and the arranger was Kire Kostov. They didn't won, but the song was remained. Later, in 2005 and 2006 she represented her high-school on Franch Festival with the versification of the songs ,,Alabina Comme toi and ,, Tina Arena Aimer jusqua limpossiblе. After 3 years, Rennata sang on the most respected festival in the Republic of Macedonia, Makfest 2009. The song, , Ne go barajte ( ,, Dont ask for him”). This RnB ballad song had her performance on 5 November, 2009. The promotion of Rennata’s new song “Seducing voice” was in 2010. The song was recorded in the most popular and respected audio and video production Award Entertainment, in collaboration with Final Cut in 2007. The producer of the song is the well known Jordanco Vasilkovski - Ocko who’s working also with the Balkan artists, while the lyrics were written by Rennata.
The first song ‘’ I can take you there “ had a big success not only in Macedonia as a country but across Europe. The song produced by Zoran Aleksic found her way up to the top lists at some radio stations in France, England, and Scotland. It was nominated for “ Record of the Year” - ended up on the second place by votes. A lot of things were changed since that moment. Rennata and her team worked hard for an year on her new songs. Summer, 2012 is marked with the summer hit “Time, time” which attracted new listeners and made the song most played only in one week after the radio promotion. Rennata is the first artist from the region with VEVO channel as part of the Youtube platform. "Because I Love You" is the first video launched on the branded channel. One month later, the first official video of Rennata, "Please Stay" was promoted. It has a huge success across Europe, while Poland placed her on compilation of Best 40 songs Winter 2014! Every single so far has been featured on the Radio Express Dance and Pop CD, worldwide distribution by the executive producers of The World Chart Show which makes Rennata the first Balkan artist with worldwide radio air plays over 7000 radios around the world. "Trust Your Feelings" and "West Side Story" were the next singles, "West Side Story" became an exclusive project of Durex Macedonia, for upcoming campaigns where Rennata is ambassador for raising sexual awareness among youth! The video for "West Side Story" was released in October, 2015
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